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IM Morning 1

Swim/Triathlon Art and Gifts:cafepress.com/swimmuse or zazzle.com/swimmuse

Harp 12


Music Art and Gifts:cafepress.com/swimmuse

Calico Window Cat


Cat Art and Gifts:cafepress.com/swimmuse

Welcome to SwimMuse, the home of swim, triathlon and music art and design created by Deborah Milan Brudvig, artist/owner of SwimMuse, LLC.

Online purchases of SwimMuse art and gifts are available through SwimMuse shops at cafepress.com/swimmuse and zazzle.com/swimmuse.

Licensing is easy, too! For affordable licensing, for access to high quality print files and design options, please contact us. Fees for single use (for instance, team tee shirts for a season) begin as low as $75.

Please feel free to use SwimMuse art on your website with credit to swimmuse.com. Let us know when you've added us to you site so we can share a link! Thanks.

Contact us! It's good to hear from you.

Deborah Brudvig 2003-2013