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I have openings at Washington Conservatory, so give them a call! 301-320-2770. It’s time to make it happen!

The Etudes are now available as a downloadable PDF. It might not be as fun as having a book, but you still get the music! See the homepage to order.

Plus, you can order at Amazon, too! Etudes at Amazon

Above is one of my "etude inspiration kids." He and I were working on Etude #17.

Another "etude inspiration kid” working on Etude#10. There’s a little rhythmic improv. in measure 4 which creates a great opportunity to talk about what the student is seeing, playing, hearing, and imagining. 



I’m working to unify my 

assorted ideas to be under 


instead of swimmuse. This way 

I’ll be less tied to the art ideas 

that the name swimmues might

bring to mind. 

New swim art is up at 


New yoga art is up at zazzle, too!


While I've returned to CafePress, 

it’s going to stay a small presence. 



The summer was good for getting 

back into the pool and continuing

the Iyengar yoga work. I’m back with Morning Masters with John 

Flanagan and the gang. Hurray!


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